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Sunday, December 6th 2009

8:50 PM

My evening & noon classes continue until December 17. Our next session begins January 4.

Gift certificates available. Enroll now for earybird special rate, offer ends December 17.
Mind-body Earlybird Specials
Zumbatribe Earlybird Specials

When zumba fitness classes resume in January we will include these two routines.

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Sunday, November 15th 2009

5:04 PM

evolution of latin rhythm

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Saturday, November 7th 2009

3:56 PM

local music . . . a beautiful surprise

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Sunday, November 1st 2009

9:52 PM

cooldown to Salio El Sol

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Sunday, October 4th 2009

6:17 PM

noon tranquilatté this Wednesday - pilates/qigong

Most people have some idea of pilates, many practice it - but qigong - not so much. this video is just one approach

to refresh, renew, re-align the body after sittting - a mdi-town, mid-week, mid-day tune-up. tranquilatt├ę


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Sunday, September 20th 2009

6:55 PM

A breathing guide plus other useful links

This introduction to conscious breathing, along with an innovative explanation of chakra development, and a short clever video regarding clarity, as well as a link to Erich Schiffman's yoga teachings, plus a free download of a 118 page traditional yoga book . . . are all available at bakersfieldmindbody.com's  homepage in a welcome kit - which hardly anyone is visiting. At least one of these will be of interest to you CHECK IT OUT 


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Sunday, September 6th 2009

6:10 PM

No Classes Today

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Saturday, August 29th 2009

4:13 PM

special offer for blog readers

Come to our first ever ZUMBA® TONING class Tuesday, 9/1/09, 5:15pm- 5:45pm.

Click the coupon for printable version.

Click here for directions and free parking location.

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Saturday, August 29th 2009

4:09 PM

September schedule decided

check out our new class schedule
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Sunday, August 9th 2009

6:34 PM

Time to plan for September

I need help in deciding what classes to have in September. Here is what I am considering.

Mondays -Thurdays, 5:15pm-5:45pm, Zumba Express (Mondays & Wednesdays) . . . just like Zumba but shorter- a 30 minute worout . . . alternating with Zumba Toning  (Tuesdays & Thursdays).

Mondays -Thursdays, we keep the 6pm-6:45pm workout but we alternate Zumba Toning (Mondays & Wednesdays) with Zumba . . . what we are currently doing . . . (Tuesdays & Thursdays).

I am pretty sure this is a good idea. What I am not so sure about (because I don't know if enough people would be interested) is adding Mind-Body Exercise on the Mondays & Wednesdays - currently we have Mind-Body Exercise Tusedays & Thursdays only.

To help me decide, I would appreciate your feedback, so here is our current survey.


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